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That's right folks, there will be a bonus beta weekend this weekend for Wildstar. All you have to do to have access this weekend is have ever applied for a beta invite in their website. And if you never did that(for shame!) there will be plenty of beta keys floating around.

Also, the level cap for this weekend will be increased to 25 so you will have access to the second adventure(personal story). If you've been living under a rock and are just now hearing about Wildstar, this weekend will be the perfect opportunity to test it out. Here is what you will have access to:
Leveling from 1-25 (Honestly, just your standard mmo leveling stuffs here.)
Hoverboard at level 10 (This is your mount, and you can double jump with it, just like your character can. And it's as amazing as it sounds.)
Capture the Flag style pvp at lvl 15 (The way they have the map set up with multiple levels and how you can use terrain, you could probably sink your entire weekend into this and not get bored.)
First Dungeon at lvl 17 (Get in there and see how Carbine uses their Telegraph system to have a lot of cool and unique boss and mob mechanics.)
First two Adventures (This is your personal story mode here.)

And if you don't know what Wildstar is and want to know what all the hype is all about, here is quick video explaining it:

Gilgamesh I also don't know how I forgot this, but player housing unlocks at level 14 and is quite robust. You can have a lot of f ...
[NEON] Dash I thought the rat was Teemo for a tick! xD
Gwinaver Avalhar x OMG I loved that video i haven't payed much attention to wildstar looked at it few times but man i might have to get it ...

With just over a month to go until the release of WildStar, Carbine Studios is hosting another beta weekend. Starting tomorrow, anyone who has already pre-ordered WildStar or lucky enough to have received a code will have access to the beta which will last through the weekend.

This weekend's beta is one of the last times you'll have to test the game before its launch on June 3, with one last beta planned for the weekend of May 2. But in addition to testing out classes and races, the point of the beta is for you to provide feedback and report any issues or glitches with the game. Remember, the more you report, the more polished the game will be at launch. It'll also give Carbine a better idea how the servers will respond to the game's release.

If you haven't already received a beta key for this weekend, there's a number of sites holding giveaways so just check out the list here.

Also, we're currently looking for anyone interested in an officer position. If you are said person, please feel free to contact myself in teamspeak or with a private message on the forums for more information

- Gilgamesh
[NEON] Aeso Upvote for Robodom.

PS2 Member Meeting

[NEON] flick posted Apr 16, 14

Last week the outfit leadership made the commitment to recreating [NE0N].
We have the conviction and the audacity in believing we can be the best outfit in the game, 
and we are now following through on the execution - this week we focus on what is 
happening outside of the Planetside 2 client, down to the withered limbs and corroded 
subcultures that are not going to facilitate the change we are fighting for. 

This Sunday, we will be inviting all members to attend the outfit meeting at 7:30pm PST 
in teamspeak for the official changes in our doctrine and outfit direction and to address 
any concerns, questions or comments any member may have. 

If you cannot or do not wish to speak publicly, please speak to an Officer, General or 
myself so that may will make sure your issues are addressed in the meeting. Whether 
you are a veteran of the outfit or brand new, a casual BR 30 or a hardcore no-scoper, 
we want everyone to be on the same page and everyone’s opinions to be addressed so 
we can fully implement and enforce the changes and we can move FORWARD.

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