Come into Wrothgar and experience this epic brand new DLC! 

The largest ESOTU DLC game pack to date, Orsinium takes you to the mountains of Wrothgar, and to the Orc capital itself, to unravel plots and counter-plots, and encounter all-new enemies and allies. Whether you choose to strike out and explore this vast new zone on your own, play through the quests, face the challenges of the Maelstrom Arena, or team up with friends to take on the new public dungeons and world bosses, there's something here for everyone.

A new single-player progressive challenge, The Maelstrom Arena

Available in Normal and Veteran versions

Grants special rewards only obtainable by completing arenas

Includes class-specific leaderboards, so you can see how you match up against your fellow combatants

Epic plot lines that change the landscape as you become the hero or villian!

New Public Dungeons with GROUP CHALLENGE, new Motif and gear, and scales to your character! Plus just a ton more