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The newest changes to your ESO guild here at NEON GRIND!
New officers!
PvE Team Needs YOU! (maybe)
We reached 240+ members! This means that-
Neon Grind Trading Guild Reboot!
Plus a surprise...
New Guild Officers!
We welcome Red to the highest rank of officership, Speaker!

As he leads the PvP team as your faithful tactician, he's been a constant force for Neon and shown his commitment time and time again. As one of the fingers of the Hand of Sithis he will oversee large aspects of the game and Neon forums, go to him for any PvP or Neon questions. Welcome to the Family.
UndeadOne, Silencer                                                                       GThree, Silencer
Both of these gentlemen are constant with leading their respective PvE events for people of all levels, show their dedication on the forums and teamspeak, and are fantastic guys to run ESO dungeons and Craglorn with. Welcome to the Family :)

Brief Breakdown, more to come soon by Soul:
2 Members, GThree and Undead to Run/Know Trials and all Dungeons
4 Members, one for each class, APPLY NOW!
Looking for he or she who thinks they can really represent their main class.
(Your First Surprise) 
Your Plan for 240+ Members:
First off congratulations and thank you to all who have helped be that community and family for new Neon members, life on teamspeak and forums keep this great.
  • Adding people to the guild is now for the Eliminator Rank and up.
  • We want to know our current members and give proper attention to the guild
  • This doesn't mean stop recruiting all together
  • WINNERS: Brendin, GuessWho, & XCali
  • We will be CELEBRATING with a SCAVENGER HUNT run by RadioJulius! Details soon to follow, volunteers to help welcome.
Big Push for NEON Trade Guild:
During the last Open Guild Meeting (Tues 8pm pdt) we decided that we are willing to reboot the NG Trading Co Guild Store!
This means we'll need passionate people for that big recruitment push
No age or TS restriction, so invite everyone and make yourself good $$
Please help us out by posting items and doing pub recruitment!
Lastly, your final surprise (even better around 6min):

SWTOR: The Return

[NEON] Psi F posted Aug 13, 14

Hey, you!
Yes, YOU!

SWTOR is coming back to Neon Grind!

Nick makes his glorious return in a few weeks, and in the mean time, we already have the guild Neon Grind set up on the Imperial side of the Bastion server.

If you played SWTOR previously, want to try it, or are just interested in seeing what it's like, join us again in trying to prove that Neon is the best in any galaxy! It's free to play, and all of your favorite people will be there!

Meanwhile, we're going to experiment with a Republic guild on the Ebon Hawk server. This is both to avoid infighting and give those who wish to avoid open world PVP a place to go.

So! Make sure to download the game and join us for our glorious leader's return!

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